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        LEKIT Stationery Co.,Ltd
        Add:JiangBian Management District, Qi Shi town, Dong Guang
        Phone:13712391710 Ms. Zhang
        Zip Code:523500
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        LEKIT Stationery Co.,Ltd is a professional provider in stationery items from Taiwan. Our major product is PVC/leather portfolio, paper product, printing, heat seal and supersonic products.Aggregate with research, design, production and sales,Lekit is a well-modernized enterprise. Established in 1997, Lekit stationery CO, located in Qishi Town with beautiful scenery and convenient traffic, covers 80,000 square meters of area and has branches on Donguan,Suzhou,Hongkong,Tiwan, which has more than 1200 employees.

        What we can offer you

        ──·We are committed to providing the most professional notebooks and leather products ·──


        If you are a corporate end-users

        Business Side

          If you are advertising, gifts, printing company customers

        Advertising Gift Printing

          If you are an individual consumer

        Business Side

        1. Depending on your organization's procurement information to provide the closest match to the proposal;

        2. Know your purchase information, do recommend personalized design solutions;

        3. Provide program renderings by a professional design team, presenting the most intuitive product renderings, in order to confirm the customer the best solution;

        4. In accordance with the customer's final renderings, finished proofing arrangements.


        1. With our experience in the industry, giving us the most effective support to help you pick the single most end customers recommend ideas to match the style, leather color card, paper selection;

        2. Help your customers choose this book presents the design of the production renderings;

        3. To help you analyze and solve your difficulty in the process of orders, orders to provide ideas and contribute the maximum assistance.



        1. In order to facilitate the individual consumer to buy our & ldquo; China this & rdquo; series, we opened a store on Taobao, you can enjoy the convenience of choosing our notepad, small leather goods, stationery products;

        2. All loose-leaf notebook, we provide follow-up of the inner core to replace the purchase of services;

        3. Accept small batch custom spot, distinguished name reflects;

        4. The network of direct sales, saving you time and travel expenses.

           Design capacity
           Customization Guide

              Q: Notepad customized cover or inside pages exist color can return it?
              A: Because each batch is different leather there is a certain color, and this is currently the process can not be avoided, therefore, before the customer to do the goods, we will explain each and every guest with reasonable color in 5-10% excess return of 10% is possible.
              Q: After the delivery of the product quality problems how to do it?
              A: Leach stationery to the customer as long as within the specified time if it is due to the product itself materials and technology, we will promise you that all return.